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VMworld 2016: Thursday

General Session Archaeology via Satellite -> Really cool stuff that can be done via satellite and aerial imaging to unearth old stuff and new. A big focus was on crowdsourcing the tracking of archaeological damage to sites in Egypt DIY Robots -> 3d-printing a robot in two hours including the app needed to control it.… Read More »

VMworld 2016: Tuesday Recap

Breakfast Same as Day 1, kind of a bummer (continental breakfast) General Session Caught this while lounging in a bean bag. Honestly I didn’t take too much away. Sanjay Poonen demoed the internal application that allows VMware employees to access various applications and windows images. Apparently they are taking their internal stuff mainstream and offering… Read More »

VMworld 2016: Monday Recap

Breakfast A slight improvement, pastries and fresh fruit. Others have told me that there was no fruit last year. VMVillage Super big with an area for TAM, certification, blogger, vbrownbag, nvidia and more. I think this an upgrade from last year but it feels like it was stuck in th middlenofba giant warehouse. There is… Read More »

VMworld Day 4 – The Finale

Day 4 is typically known as the Hangover, most people are partied out and miss or skip sessions. For that reason there are a lot of repeats on Thursday. The Solutions Expo is closed so everyone working the booth has the option of flying home. Before we get started I want to mention a few… Read More »

VMworld Day 3 Recap

Solid sleep last night. Got in for breakfast, sausage or ham ‘mcmuffin’. 8am session INF1502 – What’s New in vSphere I wasn’t sure what to expect in this session. Keynote mentioned the 6.0 Beta but also the 5.8 suite. I also participated in the Beta so I wasn’t sure what to expect. So 5.5u2 will… Read More »

VMworld Day 2 Recap

I was running on fumes this morning, maybe 3-4 hrs total so this will be a bland post. Breakfast this morning – some sort of egg fratada Keynote – some great examples of CloudVolumes with project Fargo to quickly provision and then layer on all of the apps. I would like to see CloudVolumes be… Read More »