VMworld 2016: Thursday

By | September 1, 2016

General Session

Archaeology via Satellite

-> Really cool stuff that can be done via satellite and aerial imaging to unearth old stuff and new. A big focus was on crowdsourcing the tracking of archaeological damage to sites in Egypt

DIY Robots

-> 3d-printing a robot in two hours including the app needed to control it. One robot that was demonstrated cost $10

MIT Presentation

-> Unfortunately PowerPoint crashed on the presenters laptop and never got displayed in VM Village. I was a bit lost but i think it was around the future of design and manufacturing techniques across multiple industries (art, medical, etc) using different materials include biological materials.


#1 tip for Lunch, check what’s in the To-Go area in VMVillage FIRST. Often the food there is better. Today’s lunch was salads plus a weird chopped chicken thing plus shrimp. The best thing was the garlic hummus.


INF8108 – Extreme Performance Series: vCenter Performance Deep Dive

This session went so deep that it was hard to keep up. All I can say is that VCSA is at performance parity and will smoke the Windows install in future versions. Also the embedded vs external and the number of vCenters and external will affect performance.

INF8845 – vSphere Logs Grow Up! Tech Preview of Actionable Logging with vRealize Log Insight

Kick-ass session that previewed how vCenter will have more verbose events which can be consumed by syslog servers. This will provide great audit trails.

STO7973 – Architecting Site Recovery Manager to Meet Your Recovery Goals

Unfortunately I had to leave this session early to catch my flight.

Going Home

I bummed a cab ride from my boss (his expenses were covered, mine were not)  to the airport. I was so glad to get home, back to my family and reasonable weather 🙂

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