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vCenter 6.0u1b to 6.0u2 Upgrade Error: VMware Syslog Component

I wanted to upgrade my 6.0u1b Windows vCenters to 6.0u2 to start off the QA process, but unfortunately I hit a 1603 error. The TSE I worked with saw a few errors from VMware Syslog Collector and some internal PRs. The following is what he saw in my logs:

    If you go… Read More »

vCenter 6 Upgrade: 1603 Error

I completed our lab vCenter upgrades during this last post. A few weeks after that effort, VMware release vCenter 6.0u1b. Since there was still time to evaluate this release, I went ahead and tried to upgrade from 6.0u1 to 6.0u1b. One vCenter went off without a problem, another vCenter was not so lucky. During the installation,… Read More »

vCenter 6 Upgrade Saga

I upgraded one of our first vCenters yesterday to 6, and boy was it a doozy. The vCenter was at 5.5u2D, but it has been upgraded over the years (probably starting from 3.x) so it has carried over some old crud. This post will cover all of the KBs that I had to use (be… Read More »