VMworld Day 2 Recap

By | August 27, 2014

I was running on fumes this morning, maybe 3-4 hrs total so this will be a bland post.

Breakfast this morning – some sort of egg fratada

Keynote – some great examples of CloudVolumes with project Fargo to quickly provision and then layer on all of the apps. I would like to see CloudVolumes be part of the server provisioning stack but am very impressed that they were able to integrate so quickly. The update to the vcloud air interface includes some
Nsx for portability across the cloud as well as an option to enable dr (which I assume sets up replication and configures the vm in SRM).

Netapp – met Peter Flecha (@vpedroarrow) in the exchange and talked about the limits of IP address assignment in srm.

Group discussion with Ken Wernerburg regarding SRM. Great session that should have been even longer. We hit the basics but I would have loved to know more about the use cases of the other customers in the room.

Lunch – I chose the steak salad

Private Meeting with SRM team, including the director of engineering for Availability solutions. Oh yeh, and GS Khalsa was there! We had met before but it’s always cool to work with the people I follow on twitter.We had a good chat to discuss our use cases and what we expect to see out of the product. We have been meeting with the SRM team quite often do this just added a few new faces.

By this point I met Alistair Cooke @demitassenz

Next up was INF1601 – PowerCLI
This session was supposed to be the repeat of the Thursday session, but it occurs on Tuesday, so it was a prequel in a tiny room. Very weird for anyone who has been to LucD and Alan Renoufs session in the past. Good updates with PowerCLI 5.8R1.

Hall Crawl – Beer and I met ExchangeGoddess aka Agent P aka Phoumala Schmitt. She had a cocktail in her hand, of course she would!

Dinner With HP – great dinner with our HP account team, I can always count on them for quality grub.

I saw some discount codes in the testing center: 2014vm25 for vcp and 2014vmwadv24 for the Vcap exams
You need to schedule by Aug 29 and take by the Nov 30.

VMUG a Advantage is also $140, which is a really good price. I am on the fence about renewing.

Now to sleep and so it again tomorrow! At least not keynote but an 8am session.

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