VMworld Day 3 Recap

By | August 28, 2014

Solid sleep last night.

Got in for breakfast, sausage or ham ‘mcmuffin’.

8am session INF1502 – What’s New in vSphere
I wasn’t sure what to expect in this session. Keynote mentioned the 6.0 Beta but also the 5.8 suite. I also participated in the Beta so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

So 5.5u2 will come out and will mostly just add support for Windows 2012 R2, RHEL 7, Oracle 12c and I think there was an Ubuntu in there as well. 6.0 Beta was pretty much described in its entirety (ft, vmotion, content library, upped limits, etc) so it will be interesting if there is anything left as NDA, from what I can see..not anything in vSphere and vCenter

Headed to the Hang Space and chatted with Julian Wood (wooditwork.com) and talked twins and let him know about the vSphere info.

MGMT1265 – Log Insight Panel
I was originally asked by the PM to be on this panel. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it approved by legal in time to get a spot on the panel. It was a nice mix of big, small, regulated,and hardware vendor (pure) who created a content pack for their array. I use the product quite a bit (wish I had more time to invest it in it actually) so I love hearing about how others use it. The customer from US Bank was ingesting 2 million events an hour, that’s pretty serious. It sounded like he was using the cluster functionality which would help with that ingestion rate.

TAM Session VMware vCenter Workload Management
This session was by the PM and engineers behind Fargo and Content Library. Can’t say much more but It is really cool stuff.

SDDC1337 – EVO Rail deep dive
The session covered the story behind and architecture of EVO Rail. Interesting product, I am waiting to see where this goes.

Lunch – Choice of
Turkey sandwhich, salad with chicken breast, beef korean wrap

EUC1744 -What’s new in VMware Workstation
I’ll be honest, I go to this session for the free license of the NEXT version of the product. It’s a good product though.

TAM Session Hybrid DRS: Managing virtual infrastructure spanning private data center and hybrid cloud.
Can’t talk much about this..

TAM Session CloudVolumes
I don’t think there was anything in here that wasn’t publicly known, but they shared some insights into the product and how it fits into EUC.

I’m super tired, so I’m skipping the party for some time with the kids.

See you tomorrow VMworld!

EDIT: I put the full title of one DRS Tam session, it’s self explanatory.

EDIT: Added lunch menu.

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