Monthly Archives: August 2015

VMworld 2015 Speaker Experience

I have written previously about my session being accepted, but now that I have presented I want to recap my experience being a speaker leading up to and during VMworld. Abstract Submission (Call for Papers) The abstract submission process was a whirlwind but fairly straight forward. I was invited to submit a customer lessons learned… Read More »

VMworld 2015 – Day 1 Recap

Day 1 started off a little slow but ended really well. I missed my Bart train and ended up getting into the city around 720. This wasn’t bad but I worried it was a sign. Breakfast for day 1 was croissants and fruit. A really light way to start the day. I went to a… Read More »

Horizon View Agent Install – The system must be rebooted before installation can continue

I was messing around with Horizon View, everything was going well until I got to a point where I wanted to install the Horizon View agent. I kept geting this error: “The system must be rebooted before installation can continue” Google kept bringing me back to this KB: Unfortunately, none of the steps in the… Read More »

Countdown to VMworld: Two Weeks to Go

VMworld can’t come any sooner! Work has been intense due to an internal audit and I blow off steam by attempting to optimize my VMworld schedule. I thought I’d share my thoughts heading up to the conference and how I am planning my schedule. No Exams for Me I spent the past two VMworlds taking… Read More »