Use pyvmomi to re-apply Storage Profile and Reclaim Space

I had a 5-node VSAN with 100+ TB of hybrid storage, and it was FULL. I was kind of surprised because the application wasn’t heavy in use yet, but a new disk was added kept getting a vSphere error that it was running out of space and the VM would then crash. I remembered a… Read More »

Getting started with pyvmomi on RHEL 6

I had a need to use the API for Storage Profile Based Management (SPBM) and I recalled a blog by William Lam regarding pyvmomi support SPBM now. He had a few example scripts but he doesn’t really go over how to get going. There were a lot of steps to get this right, so instead… Read More »

Failed to enter maintenance mode in the current VSAN data migration mode

I have a 3-node hybrid VSAN cluster with 600gb HDD capacity drives that I wanted to replace with 1200gb HDDs. The steps that I planned to take (with guidance from support): Put host in maintenance mode (ensure availability) Delete diskgroup on host Replace disks Recreate diskgroup Let hosts resync Repeat Things seemed to be going… Read More »

Scripted HPE Firmware and ESXi Software Update

I’m a big fan of PXE, but sometimes I don’t want to re-image. It may be a system that isn’t connected to PXE, or a system that I don’t have a profile for. In dealing with these one-off systems, I wanted to be able to apply update the firmware, update the ESXi OS, and apply… Read More »

Performance Boost: All-Flash VSAN on vSphere 6.0u3

In a previous post I tested a four-node all-flash VSAN running VSAN 6.2 (vSphere 6.0u2) with two diskgroups using HCIBench. The performance was a little subpar to the author of the tool so he helped me with some tweaks that got better performance out of the cluster (post here). Now that vSphere 6.0u3 and 6.5d… Read More »

SPBM/PBM Issues after decommissioning PSC

In a previous post, I discussed potential topologies of vCenters in a SSO domain. In general I think I have gotten burned a lot from having multiple vCenters and PSCs in a single SSO domain, but when things are working it’s pretty nice to have a consolidated view. In my latest issue, I decided to… Read More »

Creating All-Flash Diskgroups on DL380 Gen 9 using PowerCLI

In a previous post, I discussed how the Web Client makes it difficult to create hybrid diskgroups grouped by array controller. I provided a PowerCLI script to automate diskgroup creation for this case. With All-Flash, the same issues around array controller grouping exists. A new issue that I encountered is that the “new-vsandiskgroup” cmdlet that… Read More »

Site Recovery Manger 6.1 addfoldermapping API and matching folders across sites

Update March 22, 2017: Added ” | Where-Object { $_.Type -eq “Folder”}” to primaryfolder.extensiondata.childentity (and the subfolder one) to filter the childentities to just folders. SRM added a feature in which you map folder inventories across vCenters by assuming the folders had the same name and same structure. I already had one method for replicating folder… Read More »