Monthly Archives: July 2014

VCAP-DCD Study Plan Design

In my  VCAP-DCA Post, I talked about how unprepared I was for the DCA. The only thing that really saved me was some solid real-world experience. For the VCAP-DCD I really don’t have as much time either, but I figured I would compile and review what I could within my time constraints. Here I will… Read More »

Site Recovery Manager IP Address Hacking

In a previous post , I discussed how SRM maps IP addresses. In this post I will describe how you can view the NFS IP address mappings and make changes as needed. Note the following procedure is totally NOT SUPPORTED and is for educational purposes only The IP address mappings are typically not done on the… Read More »

Site Recovery Manager with Multiple NFS addresses

I have been working on a project at work to implement Site Recovery Manager (SRM) within our environment. We use primarily Netapp storage and our currently converting to cluster mode/CMODE/clustered data ontap/CDOT. Netapp has a great document that describes some best practices. One of the best practices for clustered data on tap serving NFS is… Read More »

First Post – A new blog for old thoughts

I have been thinking about starting a blog for the past three years, just to share some of the random solutions that I either find or develop. It’s odd that I start now, three years ago I didn’t have any kids and was livin’ it up. Now I have two beautiful kids (twin girl and… Read More »