VCAP-DCD Study Plan Design

By | July 26, 2014

In my  VCAP-DCA Post, I talked about how unprepared I was for the DCA. The only thing that really saved me was some solid real-world experience.

For the VCAP-DCD I really don’t have as much time either, but I figured I would compile and review what I could within my time constraints. Here I will lay out my study plan design. Hopefully it meets the requirements.

  • Goals:
    • Pass the VCAP-DCD for personal pride and possible VCDX application in the future
    • Take the VCAP-DCD at VMworld and pass by end of 2014

Hopefully this “design” will help to me to pass the VCAP-DCD and as with anything, I’m sure requirements will change and there will be even MORE constraints.

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