First Post – A new blog for old thoughts

By | July 11, 2014

I have been thinking about starting a blog for the past three years, just to share some of the random solutions that I either find or develop.
It’s odd that I start now, three years ago I didn’t have any kids and was livin’ it up. Now I have two beautiful kids (twin girl and boy) and as much responsibility as I can bear.

So why now?

Maybe it was at the Silicon Valley VMUG conference last year where I saw Scott Lowe give a presentation (a blog that I frequented quite a bit) or when I met Julian Wood at VMworld 2013 (ran across his blog while looking up HP hardware). I have been interacting more with people via the web and social media (find me on twitter @ikiris), and at the end of the day I don’t want to just be a fanboy of someone’s work, I want to be a peer.

There was a point sometime over the last year where I stopped finding the answers I was looking for on other blogs (at least for a few things) .  Maybe it was that I was running into issues that no-one else has, or maybe I was reaching deeper into products and solutions that I have in the past. I’m not quite sure, but over the past year I have  started to build a deeper relationship with VMware and HP  (through my day job) which has spawned a lot of questions and a search for new solutions based on some of the new products that I have been involved with.

I haven’t nailed down what I want to post about first, but in general my posts will revolve around HP hardware (especially around provisioning and maintenance), VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware Log Insight, and pretty much anything that I can find time to write about.


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