Slipstreaming Updates into HP Service Pack for Proliant

By | July 14, 2014


HP has been fast and furious in it’s release of Service Packs and supplemental (yet critical) patches.

I work in a very heavy blade environment (G6 through Gen8v2) and have developed a mechanism for deploying the service packs through the Smart Start Scripting Toolkit (more on that at a later date).

Due to various reasons, we did not start deploying the 2014.02 SPP. This was either great timing or dumb luck, or both.

HP has since released the 2014.02B SPP (includes heartbleed and broadcom nic fixes) and the 2014.06 (includes Intel V2 bios patches that caused blue screens and firmware for the new Virtual Connects). Our team had already QA’d the 2014.02B release and the bios patches and there wasn’t much time to QA the 2014.06 release. We stuck with the 2014.02B release and would slipstream the V2 bios patches into the SPP.

Slipstreaming the patches is not very difficult, but getting the mkisofs command correct is the trickiest part!

I found a blog post here that outlines the process, but I could not get my servers to boot from the resulting iso. Searching the SPP documentation advised to use a iso editor but make no mention of command line tools.

Below is the process to download the patches and create the iso.


First download the extra bits from HP’s website


This link is to the BL460cGen8, Choose your OS (I choose Suse Linux since that’s what the SPP and Scripting Toolkit use)

Download the System ROM (may need a entitlement)

Upload the ROM bits and the iso to your Linux system (RHEL 6 in this case)

mkdir /kickstart/isos/HPSPP2014020B-CUSTOM

mount -o loop /kickstart/isos/SPP.iso /mnt

cp -pr /mnt/*  /kickstart/isos/HPSPP20140s0B-CUSTOM/

cd /kickstart/isos/HPSPP2014020B-CUSTOM

cp /var/tmp/*2289* hp/swpackages/

mkisofs -J -joliet-long -R -L -o ../HPSPP2014020B-CUSTOM.iso -b system/isolinux.bin -c system/ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table /kickstart/isos/HPSPP2014020-CUSTOM/

cd ..


rm -rf HPSPP2014020B-CUSTOM

Now you have HPSPP2014020B-CUSTOM.iso with the updated System ROM.

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