How to connect to SRM 6.1 using powershell and WSDL/SOAP

edit 07-27-2017: Updated the script with username/password variables and also dynamically determine srmserveraddr by checking the primary vcenter extension manager. This will not work if you have multiple SRM servers (ie, shared-site config) I hit some issues finding the addfoldermapping function through the api exposed with connect-srmserver cmdlet, so I decided to use WSDL based… Read More »

Uninstalling Site Recovery Manager 6.X

I had a situation where one of my SRM installs would not start. Support could not figure out the issue but thought that there may be something corrupted in the database. I had been reconfiguring my SRM installs anyways so I decided to uninstall. First off, uninstall and reinstall per does not seem to… Read More »

Smaller vCenter Log Bundles through dmp file cleanup

After upgrading one of my vCenters to 6.0u1 (and subsequently to 6.0u2), I noticed that the vCenter log bundles progressively grew larger and larger. So large that I could no longer upload them to through the browser. I had to upload the logs via FTP (which would often timeout). I asked support if there… Read More »

Creating Hybrid Diskgroups on DL380 Gen9 using Powercli

One of the downsides of the web interface is that it is very difficult to group the disks by array controller when creating a diskgroup. You would have to determine the disks manually and then manually select the disks. From my discussions with VMware TMMs, the only reason to have a diskgroup span PCI controllers… Read More »

Storage Policy Blank when Enabling VSAN Performance Service

I recently upgraded a VSAN cluster to ESXi 6.0u2 and was interested in enabling the new VSAN Performance service. I also had a net-new cluster to install. For both instances, in Cluster -> Manage -> Health and Performance -> “Turn ON VIrtual SAN performance service” I was seeing this   The storage policy is blank… Read More »

Replacing HP P440 controller in VSAN Setup

A year ago I posted a blog about replacing a failed array controller, only it turned out the array controller didn’t really fail. The array controller needed firmware. This year I actually have an array controller fail so I can share a few extra tips. The Hardware, 5 of the following: DL380 Gen9 3 disk… Read More »

Semi-Famous Code

I was making some random comments on twitter to other VMworld attendees and I got an odd reply: @ikiris Your name looks familiar. Do you have a blog with PowerCLI code on it? — Jason Boche (@jasonboche) September 2, 2016 Sure I have some PowerCLI code, not very much but there are a few nuggets.… Read More »

VMworld 2016: Post-Show thoughts

Now that VMworld is in the books, I want to reflect on how this show went for me personally and what vibe I got from it. VSAN is everywhere and is the jump-off point (and beach head) for everything else VMware VMware announced VMware Cloud Foundation (VSAN, NSX, SDDC Manager) as the way to host… Read More »

VMworld 2016: Thursday

General Session Archaeology via Satellite -> Really cool stuff that can be done via satellite and aerial imaging to unearth old stuff and new. A big focus was on crowdsourcing the tracking of archaeological damage to sites in Egypt DIY Robots -> 3d-printing a robot in two hours including the app needed to control it.… Read More »