vCenter 6.0u1b to 6.0u2 Upgrade Error: VMware Syslog Component

By | April 1, 2016

I wanted to upgrade my 6.0u1b Windows vCenters to 6.0u2 to start off the QA process, but unfortunately I hit a 1603 error. The TSE I worked with saw a few errors from VMware Syslog Collector and some internal PRs. The following is what he saw in my logs:



If you go to services.msc, you may see the VMware Syslog Collector NOT started even though it’s set to start automatically



Open C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\cfg\vmsyslogcollector\

make a copy of config.xml

Open config.xml in Notepad, you may see something like this with a lot of variables:



Replace the contents with the following. Adjust the install path and the vCenter name as needed:

Open a command prompt to C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\bin (adjust the install path as needed)

Run the following

service-control –start –all

Validate that Syslog Collector is running, retry the upgrade

4 thoughts on “vCenter 6.0u1b to 6.0u2 Upgrade Error: VMware Syslog Component

  1. MDK

    We were the first ones who had this issue 2 days after update 2 came out and we thought that it was only an issue in our environment… VMware support did not find a solution in the call and finally we manually edited the config as shown in the article.
    I am just glad VMware created an internal PR from our problem so they can help others…

    1. Chris Post author

      It seems I have you to thank then! The TSE mentioned that this issue also occurred when people were upgrading to 6 or 6u1 as well. I also saw another KB for a different problem that said to disable syslog collector. What a crappy service, maybe that’s why LI is being given away with 25 OSI.

  2. Le Gazman

    Disabling the service also lets the installer complete.

  3. Ole Thomsen

    I saw this on several occasions with U1, but only solution from VMware support was to disable the syslog collector.

    Glad to have this solved, thanks!


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