Creating Hybrid Diskgroups on DL380 Gen9 using Powercli

By | October 6, 2016

One of the downsides of the web interface is that it is very difficult to group the disks by array controller when creating a diskgroup. You would have to determine the disks manually and then manually select the disks. From my discussions with VMware TMMs, the only reason to have a diskgroup span PCI controllers is when you have a NVMe device, otherwise they should stay within a PCI device in order to keep that as a unit of failure. In a hybrid configuration, a failure in a ssd results in a failure of the entire diskgroup, thus making that diskgroup a sort-of failure domain.

I wanted to see if I could script the creation of a vsan diskgroup. Luckily I came across a script by Alan Renouf. Unfortunately it only dealt with a single diskgroup and not the multiple diskgroup with one diskgroup per array controller. Also I found a few issues with the script.

Below is my PowerCLI script to create a diskgroup that is aligned with each P440 (or P440ar) controller. If you use different controllers you could probably tweak the script a bit for your needs. All flash would probably need to differentiate the write cache disk bye model or size.

Script is at github (create-VsanHybridDiskGroup.ps1) and below



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