vCenter 6 Upgrade: The Legend Continues – Update Manager

By | December 4, 2015

This will be a short post.

I forgot to upgrade Update Manager to 6, so I just wanted to talk about the steps and the issue I encountered.

I had two Update Managers to update. I ran through the installer on both with no issues (though one asked me to be logged in as the windows user that connect to the DB).

After the upgrade, I went to the thick client, installed the new plugin and tried to enable it. On the second vCenter, no problems. On the first vCenter it complained:

There was an error Connecting to VMware vSphere Update Manager – [ Server Name:443]. Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems.

I checked the ODBC and it connected fine, so something was up. I found a blog post from someone who mentioned that if you are using windows authentication for the DB, then the update manager service should be running as that account.

My service wasn’t running as the AD account, so I changed it to that and looked at the logs

I found some entries that said “error initializing database windows impersonation failed”

I then found this kb that let me look at the DSN that the Update Manager was using and I found that the AD account was defined there. I thought that was odd since running the service as the AD user should handle the authentication via integrated auth. I removed the user entry and bounced the service. I clicked enable and kachow, update manager working again.

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