VMworld 2015 – Day 1 Recap

By | August 31, 2015

Day 1 started off a little slow but ended really well.

I missed my Bart train and ended up getting into the city around 720. This wasn’t bad but I worried it was a sign. Breakfast for day 1 was croissants and fruit. A really light way to start the day.

I went to a 830 session STO4572 Conducting a Successful Virtual SAN Proof of Concept with Cormac Hogan. He also had a co-presenter Julienne Pham. The content was pretty good but unfortunately Julienne’s cool French accent was a little hard to hear through. The content was there and the depth was there, just a little more delivery would have helped.

Next was Keynote time while hangin in the Hang Space. It was definitely super packed but still a better option than The main room. In regards to the Keynote itself, I think thy should have just went with Yangbing Ali and Kit Colbert. They had demos of actual products and not the fluffy vision or positioning. I also met Yangbing before and she was a nice person.

Lunch was at Yerba Buena, I had the flank steak salad (pretty good). My company had two VMware briefings at the Intercontinental where they had a good spread of food. Mostly sandwiches and pizza but they looked quality, I may need to sneak some as snacks.

By this point I already skipped a lunchtime session and an afternoon session. I was considering going to one more session at 3pm but I started to get really anxious about my session. I ended up skipping the 3pm session (3rd skipped session of the day) in order to get some swag in the expo and rehearse my slides in the speaker center.

I misjudged the time and almost went up to the session later than I wanted to. All of my colleagues were already in heckler’s row. Luckily it went smooth and I had some great comments and questions at the end. I even had a few reviews back and overall it was positive. I only counted a few people who walked out early as well. It was certainly a great experience, hopefully I gain enough knowledge in another VMware components to allow me the opportunity to speak again.


The worst thing was that I didn’t name drop my blog and my Twitter! I couldn’t add it to the deck since my legal team would scrub it out. 

I ended the day with a dinner with Netapp/WWT and a BART ride home to my family.


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