Error Pairing SRM Sites after Password Change

By | June 4, 2015

In my last post, I discussed some issues I had when changing the DB password for Site Recovery Manager.

I just wanted to quickly discuss a different error that I had during my couple of days of password changes.

One of the tasks that you will have to do when changing passwords is to re-pair the SRM Sites. This usually involves right clicking on the site in the plugin and choosing “Configure Connection”. It is a straightforward operation, usually.

What I found with two of my sites that are using non-default SRM Ids was that I would get an error when configuring the connection.

vCenterA <-> vCenterB <-> vCenterC

vCenterB is a shared site, it has a SRM server with default SRM ID paired to vCenterA and a SRM server with a non-default SRM ID paired to vCenterB.

When running the configure connection from vcenterC to vCenterB, it threw up an error:

“SRM Server ‘vCenterB’ at ‘vCenterB:80’ is not a pair of ‘vCenterC’.
Call “DrRemoteSite.ProbePairedDrConnection” for object “site-1050” on Server “vCenterCSRMServer” failed.



When running the configure connection from vCenterB to vCenterC (after choosing the non-default SRM ID) I get an error that states that the SRM plugin is not installed on vCenter C

This was all very odd, but what I ended up doing was a modify install on the SRM in vCenterC and the pairing worked fine from vCenterC .

Note: With a Shared Recovery Site, I find that it’s easier to manage SRM from the protected site (vCenter A or vCenter C in this case) since to them they only have the one SRM ID. If you connect to SRM on vCenterB, you have to choose the SRM ID, and in the 5.5 client I end up closing the C# client to switch to the other SRM ID.

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