PSC 6 Upgrade: Empty Inventory, Stripped Permissions

By | February 26, 2016

I just updated another set of external SSO servers to PSCs (four to be exact). Three servers went perfectly fine. The fourth one, not so much. I first ran into a problem where it choked on the VcsServiceManager (see my post here for error 1603). After following my own post, I then wanted to check if the inventory was ok. Unfortunately it was not, I was getting “Empty Inventory” when using my AD creds. The administrator@vsphere.local was perfectly fine.

I then thought that this was like a previous blog post, so I proceeded to add the local authentication sources. Unfortunately that did not work either.

I then found this KB article that mentioned that vCenter permissions may get stripped in certain cases. Though vCenter 5.5 was supposed to not have this behavior, there may be something funky between vCenter and PSC 6. The KB mentioned what table to restore, though i didn’t have my DBA handy so I re-applied the permissions manually.

I also saw this in vpxd.log:

vim.SessionManager.loginByToken: vim.fault.NoPermission in vpxd.log

After re-applying permissions, everything was visible.




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