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VMworld Day 4 – The Finale

Day 4 is typically known as the Hangover, most people are partied out and miss or skip sessions. For that reason there are a lot of repeats on Thursday. The Solutions Expo is closed so everyone working the booth has the option of flying home. Before we get started I want to mention a few… Read More »

VMworld Day 3 Recap

Solid sleep last night. Got in for breakfast, sausage or ham ‘mcmuffin’. 8am session INF1502 – What’s New in vSphere I wasn’t sure what to expect in this session. Keynote mentioned the 6.0 Beta but also the 5.8 suite. I also participated in the Beta so I wasn’t sure what to expect. So 5.5u2 will… Read More »

VMworld Day 2 Recap

I was running on fumes this morning, maybe 3-4 hrs total so this will be a bland post. Breakfast this morning – some sort of egg fratada Keynote – some great examples of CloudVolumes with project Fargo to quickly provision and then layer on all of the apps. I would like to see CloudVolumes be… Read More »

VMworld Day 1 Experience

Sorry for spelling errors and bad autocorrect. This has been written in the wordpress app. There are plenty of blogs that cover the product announcements very well, so I am not hoping to cover that here. I want to recap my personal experience to hopefully track my growth in the community and hopefully making sure… Read More »

Thoughts Before VMWorld 2014

It’s that time of the year again, VMworld 2014 is just around the corner and I’m really excited to attend. This is my third VMworld, and I feel like I have evolved my focus over the years. The first year I focused on labs, VDS/HA and a lot of fundamentals. Last year I focused on… Read More »