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VMworld Session is a Go!

Last week I found out that my abstract has been accepted as an official session for VMworld in San Francisco! I original blogged about submitting an abstract here. The title is: STO4856 Designing for Mass Failover with Site Recovery Manager: Lessons Learned from a Customer Deployment Last year I was invited to take part in… Read More »

Fun with vSphere Tags

I originally was going to put up a script for creating tag categories and tags and assigning them, but of course Alan Renouf had a script on his site! The problem I found is that if an object needs to change a tag (say with a cardinality of single), you can just do a set-tagassignment… Read More »

Clear Duplicate VMs from HA Failover Attempts

We had an instance last year where our storage became unstable and HA tried to failover guests. The result was that there were phantom VMs that could only be seen when connecting to individual hosts. These  phantom VMs would disappear when you would answer the “did you copy or move” question,  but they would prevent the… Read More »