VMworld 2015 – Day 4 Recap

By | September 3, 2015

The last day, and I barely made it out of bed. I definitely didn’t make it to the first train.

Breakfast was at moscone, doughnuts and muffins. Yay.

The special General Session was viewed from the Hang Space again. Today’s session was all about the brain. There was a talk on teaching computers to think like people in order to identify objects in pictures. The second talk was a guy who developed a jacket that can translate sounds into patterns of stimuli with the goal being gay the brain will keen to interpret that stimuli. The video he showed was of a deaf man being able to identify words via the stimulus.

The most interesting talk was from  a guy who was able to transmit the neural signals from on person to another. He put two electrodes on a woman’s arm and connected her to an app similar to an oscilloscope. Then he connected her to the electrodes on a man’d arm. As she flexed her wrist, he involuntarily flexed his wrist. It was pretty awesome.

I also met a few bloggers before I left for sessions including Scott Lowe (who gave me a cool shirt) and Howard Marks (who is a staple of the storage field day events). I also added to Angelo Luciani’s selfie collection.

The first session was EUC6624 – Enterprise Deployment of View for a Worldwide Call Center Company. The session was really amazing. This was a customer presentation (Iqor) who have 10000 concurrent cal center agents logged in. The technology was the impressive thing to me though, the way that they presented their business problem and their solution really showed me how a customer presentation should be done.

 The presenters were knowledgeable, related to the audience, mentioned specific vendors but didn’t get hung up on them, consolidated their design into two slides and took questions all along the ways. Awesome guys who did the talk to give back.

My noon session was  INF4529 VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals.

This session was by Ryan Johnson and Adam Eckerle. There was a number of vcommunity members in attendance as well including Brian Graf, Moke Foley and Derek Seaman (who I met for the first time). Certificate management isn’t the most exciting of subjects but they went through the process of setting up a VMCA as a subordinate CA and pushing out certain. Cool thing with this presentation was that all of the material was already online.

Every year I grab an extra backpack, this year so grabbed two! There was a long snaking line but it moved fast.

A quick lunch and off to the last session of VMworld NET4907 Turning Disaster Recovery into a Reality with NSX. This session showed off how NSX 6.2 can be used to extend L2 and integrate with SRM 6.1 to enable failover of VMs without IP’ing.  The guys had a live demo of a failover! That was the only live demo I saw (though there may have been others). At the end they brought up a customer from George Washington Univeristy who has implemented the solution. When I was talking to one of the presenters, Alexander Nimmannit shows up. He works for GW.

Well that’s the end of the show! I am already at home trying to decompress with the kiddos. I hope to head back next year but that may depend on whether work will pay for travel or not. Now to take a nap…

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