VMworld Session is a Go!

By | June 18, 2015

Last week I found out that my abstract has been accepted as an official session for VMworld in San Francisco!

I original blogged about submitting an abstract here.

The title is:

STO4856 Designing for Mass Failover with Site Recovery Manager: Lessons Learned from a Customer Deployment

Last year I was invited to take part in a Log Insight panel but I had trouble getting the clearance from my company’s  legal folks. That was sort of a bummer, but having my own breakout session is truly an exciting opportunity for me to present on a project that I worked on for more than a year. I still have an email my boss wrote me last year where he forwarded me an email about the VMworld 2014 Call for papers and said, “I expect you to submit a session next year when the project has wrapped up.” I thought it was fairly far fetched, but I guess he knew something I didn’t.

I am going to press hard to get this done early, I already have the bulk of my content in the deck, I could possibly have a draft ready to be reviewed by  next week. Plenty of time to try to push it through legal.

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