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By | May 14, 2015

Last year I was involved with the Design and Deployment of Site Recovery Manager between multiple datacenters, protecting 1000+ VMs using NetApp Snapmirror. My team spent a lot of time putting the CMODE SRA through it’s paces and have learned quite a bit about trying to operate SRM in a large environment.

A Product Manager invited me to submit an abstract for a VMworld session this year focusing on Lessons Learned from the deployment. With the abstract submitted, the public voting for the sessions is now open. This is my session:


4856 Designing for Mass Failover with Site Recovery Manager: Lessons Learned from a Customer Deployment
How do you design a system to fail over 1000 Virtual Machines? How different is it from designing to fail over 10 Virtual Machines? VMware Site Recovery Manager allows you to protect up to 5000 VMs using array based replication, but can you really just set it and forget it?
Explore some of the ins and outs of using Site Recovery Manager at scale through a review of Chevron’s Global Deployment of SRM. Review lessons learned from the design phase, implementation phase, and operational turnover.

If this seems interesting to you, please vote for my session at http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa

I’m really excited about the possibility of presenting at VMworld, though I’m not keeping my hopes up too high in case things fall through.
If the session does get approved, I still need to develop the slide deck and have the company legal team run through it (I’m most worried about this part actually).

First things first though, hopefully there is enough votes to get this session through, then I’ll battle it out with the lawyers 🙂


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