Cannot add host to VDS (vim.fault.ResourceInUse)

By | March 4, 2015

Really quick post

I was applying a Host Profile to an ESXi 5.5 host and it failed to add to the Distributed Switch.

The error was vim.fault.ResourceInUse.

The only link that I could find was one entry in the forums

The host was already in maintenance mode (per recommendation of the forum) but the profile (adding to VDS) failed.

What I started to think about was what is assumed when a host in maintenance mode? That there are no VMs on the host. Of course there were no running VMs since the host was in maintenance mode, but I clicked on the ‘Virtual Machines’ tab and saw four orphaned vms from some previous testing.

I removed the VMs from inventory, applied the Host Profile, and easy-peasy it added the VDS and everything completed just fine.

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