8 thoughts on “Finding Location of Failed vCenter Login

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  2. JohnT

    Thanks for this, Chris! I had the same exact issue…VSC was setup by a previous employee and I was going nuts trying to find the culprit!

  3. ErickF

    I had the same issue, found a lot of useful information but none that resolved the issue. Disabling the Plugin didn’t help either. Re-registering with a service account fixed it. thank you Chris.

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  5. KenM

    More than two years after posting, your article remains useful. We had this issue yesterday and I was pulling my hair out trying to find the culprit. For resolution, we took the re-registration route for now; we’ll be registering with a password-static service-account eventually.

    Have you found out exactly why the application behaved in this manner? The person who installed it said he only installed it; he didn’t know he was registered.

    In any event, a good call on your part in suspecting the NetApp plug-in. Thank you.

    1. Chris Post author

      Glad it helped! I think people install the plugin using a set of creds not realizing that the creds are used for connection. Would be better if this registered as a solution and created a sso user.


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